Life Crystals chamber

Faintly glowing, green, egg-shaped crystals.

The life crystals were created to please the Cocytan's obsession with living eternally. They only restore the cells and organs of a body but take away all that is worth living for. The Creator calls it his second greatest mistake because they do not create life, only slaves to the crystals.

In-game Uses:
The life crystals are used to bring several creatures and characters (including Ludger Brink) back to life; however, there are some major side effects.

Humans and Cocytans brought back to life using the crystals at first feel revitalized and healthier than ever before. Unfortunately, the resurrected person will quickly become addicted to the pleasant effects of the crystals, and will stop at nothing to get them.

The first time you find a life crystal is in the Museum (you find two lying around on the ground).